Sunday, March 10, 2013

Great from Citysearch!

Thay are liars and FALSE ADVERTISERS

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This place will screw you over!!! My husband bought a 2002 Ford Focus from these guys in August 2011 and they shoved it on him like it was the perfect car for him. He test drove it and liked it. (He was a first time buyer and they knew it). They forced him to sign his contract without letting him even read it. Right after he signed it he found out they made him buy a $10,000 car... We had the car for 2 weeks and then the rearview mirror feel off the windshield. It was already broken and it looked like they superglued it back on as a quick fix. A few days after that the indoor light fell off.. Same thing as the mirror.. quickfix.. Then the we found out the trunk was broken and wouldn't close all the way.. Then the lever to pop the hood broke off too.. Then a few months into having the car it broke down on us.. We took it into them and it turned out there was ANOTHER quick fix they did.. There was fluid leaking into the radiator.. Forced US to pay for it even though they admitted to us they sold it him knowing it wasn't worth the price and it was a crappy quick fix car.. Right now my husband is at West Valley Auto Plaza because the car was acting up again. They are Forcing us to pay $150 to fix this damn car AGAIN. And we are stuck paying for a $10,000 car that is barely worth $1,000 and the car won't even last long enough for us to finish all the payments. Plain and simple, these guys WILL screw you over! Plus they treat him like crap everytime he goes in there. I would NEVER recommend them


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  2. They tried to get me with the old "BAIT AND SWITCH ROUTINE", After two days of paperwork, trying out vehicles, I found the truck I wanted. I was then told I didn't qualify for that truck so they rolled out a tread bare bucket of bolts, they then told me this was the truck I was going to be driving. The price on the junker was actually $350 over the price of the very nice truck. I already own a jaguar and an F-150, I just wanted a bigger truck to tow my park model travel trailer. I don't want a truck bad enough to be jerked around and ripped off by a knock knee, bowlegged, hair lipped, buck toothless, web toe, trailer trash inbred goober smoocher who is so sexually frustrated cause the last time he got a piece of azz his fingers went through the cheap toilet paper. I am not that weak minded. Nice try though. It was entertaining and I did get a bottle of free water. I ordered magnetic signs for my vehicles that read "I WAS JERKED AROUND BY MARKOSIAN AUTO" Let's see what good ole saint Nick will do about that, it's not defamation or slander if it's true. I do have witnesses. NUFF SAID