Sunday, March 10, 2013

Another RipOff report for good old Nick

Few simple words: The worst customer service ever. My horn did not work when I bought my car, they wont fix it. The lady you make car payments to has 12 different personalities and is very rude on the phone. My stereo stopped working a month after I bought the car. My starter is going out but they claim its from a alarm that went on my car... Well I have no alarm. My heater core has a leak in it that they want $500 for. Bought my car in summer so how should I of known it was bad. I flat out cant stand this place or the people.

I went there cause they help with bad credit, well I have been working on my credit due to this horrible expierence with this company. I will never tell anyone to go there and I will never buy another vehicle from them at all. You cant make a complaint to anyone cause then they just tell you to use their website. Well your website sucks just as much. You cant even get an email to the owner like it says you can send to him, it ends up being returned to your email.... Bottom line THEY SUCK! I pay $360 a month for my car and its not worth it one bit!!!!

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