Monday, September 10, 2012

Customer Service from West Valley Auto Plaza is a scam.

This poor guy is going to loose his car for being one day late. Also, aren't they supposed to have these cars inspected before they sell them? Another Nick Markosian scam. Way to go Nick, you are a real class act.

I got a car through west valley auto and have been so stressed cause of how stupid they are. I am not normally this rude but its the truth they are stupid. Took them 6 times to get my address right, also at least 4 times I was under impression I was set up four auto bill pay!! I would get phone call a few days later where is your payment and I would be upset cause now its late!! Not only that but I have told them I get paid on 20th and to change date to that so it wouldn't be late anymore for they had it set for 18th!! APG,which is the finance company tells me my date is changed then it should have been changed,well it wasn't!!!!!!!! I find out I have to go sign a new contract to change my date and they now say cause I was late all those times they can now reposes on 19th, ONE DAY PAST DUE DATE!!! I also got the car with multiple problems like headlights burnt out, back light broken and rigged to look like it wasn't, plus the driver door lock is brocken, the gas light doesn't work!! Its just one thing after another with them now I can't make it down there today but get paid on Friday and they are going to reposes it tomorrow.

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