Friday, July 6, 2012

The Nick Markosian scandal continues.....

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Went here to test drive a car that I was interested in yesterday. First thing they want is to check my credit score! Before I even test drove the car. I have been to MANY dealerships over the years and this is the first time that I encountered that. The salesman had to talk to the manager just so that I could test drive the car without a credit check. Then the manager comes out and acts like his salesman is a moron... Anyway, they take my license (which is normal for a test drive) and when I got back from the test drive I got my license back and left to go home. Well I get an e-mail today from my credit monitoring site informing me that I have a new 'hard' credit inquiry! So after me making a big deal about them not checking my credit, they did anyway, WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. So not only was I unimpressed with the salesperson and manager, but they went entirely against my wishes by running my credit. It's my understanding that they need permission to do a 'hard' credit inquiry so I'm going to see what I can do to report it.

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