Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fake reputation, that's Nicks policy

Nick has staff enter fake reviews so that you will think they are great guys. Even on some of the websites his employees used their real names. LOL Pathetic! Please note that the last two reviews left these are the only reviews these two people have ever left. could be an employee using a different name. A real person would have left reviews for several business's. Please see links below. http://maps.google.com/maps/user?uid=213351771663548346621&hl=en-US&gl=US&ved=0CFoQhQo&sa=X&ei=U3jnTv7BDpHApASn3YyrBg http://maps.google.com/maps/user?uid=217816370602785484994&hl=en-US&gl=US&ved=0CF4QhQo&sa=X&ei=U3jnTv7BDpHApASn3YyrBg 10/21/11 

Tasha mentions her Used Cars in Salt Lake City buying experience here. Sorry Tasha!!!

Tasha ‎ - Feb 14, 2012
Problems at every turn. Did they get us into a car? Yes, did my husband spend over 8 hours getting it done? Yes. I understand most dealerships run similarly, but doesn't it get annoying when your "salesperson" can't ever give you an answer on anything before going and asking the "fill in the blank" manager? Sales mgr, finance mgr, etc.. Every single thing has taken ten times as long as they'd promised. We've carted a young child and baby there and back several times and waited around hours to get something simple done. New tires? They say 2 hours, then you get there say say no it could be 3 or 4 so someone takes him home. Then when we call 3 or 4 hours later they haven't even started, whoops ordered the wrong tires. Everything that can goes wrong, goes wrong with them somehow. Had another minor repair today, they said it'd take an hour and a half. My husband had to file his taxes (don't get me started on that, he's gone back 5 times to try to get that finalized.)they said they'd get the new part in the car while he worked on the taxes. Once taxes were done, they still hadn't started and said it would be 3 or 4 more hours.... Like we have a kid to pick up from school! How are they so consistantly wrong at estimating time, and why in the hell do you make an appt? FYI they will charge you $200 to file your taxes... Too much? Maybe not from a qualified tax professional for a complicated return involving real estate, investments, ira's. But it's none of that... Its your car salesman typing all of your personal information into his computer hooked up to the building's wi-fi, they have no idea what they're doing and when you get to the end they tell you it also costs $200 since they "prepared it". In our case it kept turning out wrong so I took it home, figured it out myself, went back and told them what to put on which line, line by line. And yeah still charged us $200 to give them a $1500 down payment and if we didn't file with them $300 penalty so lose/lose situation. Just don't bother. Go somewhere else! They mess everything up at every opportunity they have. I didn't listen to the negative ratings and look where it got us... Don't make my same mistake