Monday, November 14, 2011

What are the odds West Valley Auto Plaza would screw someone over again?

Mark ‎ - Oct 31, 2011 Extreme suckers only need apply. This business is nothing short of a scam, and here is how their scam works. They meet with you like any other car dealer but are very nice to you (overly so). They immediately assume you will want to finance though them and have you fill out a credit application. Next they ask you about what kind of payment you can afford. Then they show you some cars. If you find the car acceptable, they will write up an offer (still so far very typical), and give you the hard sell to try to make you accept it. What you won't see on the offer are, the price of the car or anything about financing terms, making it impossible to know if the offer is good or what would make a reasonable counter offer. Nor will they under any circumstances ever tell you the asking price of the car. They will simply say "This is the payment we will give you". Ok what term? It took some teeth pulling but the term was 72 months (insane). Ok so what is the interest rate? No reply, just the run around. "I'll tell you the interest rate in a moment but let me say Blah blah blah". I leave irritated with how baddy jerked around I got. So I do some math, their best offer if at the book value of the car was a whopping 32% interest rate to arrive at the payment they wanted for the term they wanted. It is clear that WVOP preys on people with bad credit, doesn't offer any transparency to their customers about how much they are paying, or what their financing terms are. They assume that if you have bad credit, you are an easy sucker, they offer you a loan at a usury interest rate, and sell the car way above book value. Nobody no matter how poor should need to deal with scum like this. If you are down on your luck, and have bad credit and desperately need a car. Go anywhere but here, they will only make things worse for you.

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  1. You are correct. I had to force the issue and they and they made fell I had no right to know the $'s.