Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Left 8/25 on City Search

False Advertising

by Contra at Citysearch

West Valley Auto Plaza had a 2008 Honda Accord posted on KSL for $14,500. We called and confirmed that they had the car and then we came down from Ogden on a Saturday to test drive it. When we arrived there, they said that the car was not on the lot on was still at the auction lot where they bought it. They said to come back Monday and that they will put it in the back so not many people can see it. We called on Monday to make sure they had the car on the lot and they said they had it but had misplaced the key but to for sure come down on Tuesday. We decided we were done playing games with them and just looked else where for a car. I checked the ad on KSL to see if there were any updates and come to my surprise they had pulled the add from KSL, not marked it sold, but pulled it all together. I had a buddy in Salt Lake go and inquire about the car and they told him they had no such car. I don't appreciate my time being wasted. Does not even desire one star.

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