Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Auto Financing in West Valley can be dangerous with Nick Markosian around!

I was JERKED around.

I hate to give this place even 1 star. The fact is...they don't even deserve one.
West Valley Auto Plaza is a complete joke. I worked with a guy named Tony who was a complete *******. I was unsure about a vehicle but he just kept pushing and pushing. I had a '97 Ford Explorer to trade in and because I wasn't ready to buy a car that night, he told me that I would be lucky to trade in my car for a bike when I left the lot. Is that any way to treat a potential customer? Where is the customer service?
March 03, 2008 by Jacki Rendhalt in Sandy, UT

Found on Dealer Rater where Nick Markosian is already running a great average

10/31/2011 10:59:26 PM
Customer Service: 1 Star
Quality of Work: N/AN/A
Friendliness: 2 Stars
Overall Experience: 1 Stars
Price: 1 Stars
Overall Score: 1 Star Rating   1.2  
Reason for Visit: Sales (Used)

I recommend this dealer: No

Employee(s) Dealt With: Forgot don't care, double taking scum.

My Review of West Valley Auto Plaza:
Simply a criminal enterprise.
Want to know how much the car costs? Nope won't tell you
Interest rate? Nope won't tell you.
They just try stick you with a payment way above what they are should cost, lying to you every step of the way.

left 8/9/11 on City Search

They WILL Jerk You Around!

by Alyholic at Citysearch

I find it funny that they claim "We won't jerk you around" when all I hear is that that's the ONLY thing they do. I'll be looking for a car soon, and certainly won't be coming here after hearing family experiences and reading these reviews (and Google reviews) and the dorky "owner" that tries to make himself look like the good guy on the bad comments. Sorry, I'll take my business where they don't FALSE ADVERTISE.

Left 8/25 on City Search

False Advertising

by Contra at Citysearch

West Valley Auto Plaza had a 2008 Honda Accord posted on KSL for $14,500. We called and confirmed that they had the car and then we came down from Ogden on a Saturday to test drive it. When we arrived there, they said that the car was not on the lot on was still at the auction lot where they bought it. They said to come back Monday and that they will put it in the back so not many people can see it. We called on Monday to make sure they had the car on the lot and they said they had it but had misplaced the key but to for sure come down on Tuesday. We decided we were done playing games with them and just looked else where for a car. I checked the ad on KSL to see if there were any updates and come to my surprise they had pulled the add from KSL, not marked it sold, but pulled it all together. I had a buddy in Salt Lake go and inquire about the car and they told him they had no such car. I don't appreciate my time being wasted. Does not even desire one star.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

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Monday, November 14, 2011

What are the odds West Valley Auto Plaza would screw someone over again?

Mark ‎ - Oct 31, 2011 Extreme suckers only need apply. This business is nothing short of a scam, and here is how their scam works. They meet with you like any other car dealer but are very nice to you (overly so). They immediately assume you will want to finance though them and have you fill out a credit application. Next they ask you about what kind of payment you can afford. Then they show you some cars. If you find the car acceptable, they will write up an offer (still so far very typical), and give you the hard sell to try to make you accept it. What you won't see on the offer are, the price of the car or anything about financing terms, making it impossible to know if the offer is good or what would make a reasonable counter offer. Nor will they under any circumstances ever tell you the asking price of the car. They will simply say "This is the payment we will give you". Ok what term? It took some teeth pulling but the term was 72 months (insane). Ok so what is the interest rate? No reply, just the run around. "I'll tell you the interest rate in a moment but let me say Blah blah blah". I leave irritated with how baddy jerked around I got. So I do some math, their best offer if at the book value of the car was a whopping 32% interest rate to arrive at the payment they wanted for the term they wanted. It is clear that WVOP preys on people with bad credit, doesn't offer any transparency to their customers about how much they are paying, or what their financing terms are. They assume that if you have bad credit, you are an easy sucker, they offer you a loan at a usury interest rate, and sell the car way above book value. Nobody no matter how poor should need to deal with scum like this. If you are down on your luck, and have bad credit and desperately need a car. Go anywhere but here, they will only make things worse for you.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Now it looks like West Valley Auto Plaza is into Sexual Harassment as a side gig.

West Valley Auto Plaza, west valley
Posted: 2011-05-06 by very angry man 2142

sexual harasment
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Company information:
west valley auto plaza
United States

my wife resently cosigned on a car for her brother. the sales man chris got her # from the forms and started with sexually harassing text messages. he asked her for nude photos, he offered to fix a drawing for a new car in trade for sex. he didn't quit even after i told him to we had to change our phone # i brought it up with management in their complaint section to no avail STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE THEY ARE DIRT BAGS

Nick Markosian and his staff at West Valley Auto Plaza screws over another innocent family

West Valley Auto Plaza Huge runaround, lie about financing, sell damaged cars West Valley City, Utah

Unfortunately, my experience with this dealership echoes some of the other ones I have read. Im ashamed to say I actually went to this dealer even after reading some negative reviews online, and I now wish I could go back and undo that mistake. Here is an overview of a nightmare that is over 2 weeks long and still ongoing.

My wife and I recently filed bankruptcy, and in that process we surrendered both of our financed vehicles, because we were horribly upside down on both of them. That left us in the market for at least one reliable car that was capable of transporting our sizable family (7 of us altogether). New vehicles were out of the question because of our credit - the interest rates and payments would be too high. While we realized we COULD save up for a couple of months and pay cash for a decent used car, we decided that financing one would be a good way to start reestablishing credit. After several unsuccessful attempts at securing financing, in a look at the websites for various used car dealers which advertised they could "finance anyone", we came across West Valley Auto Plaza and their website www.beenjerkedaround.com. Little did I know that the domain name was an advertisement for what was to come as much as it was an indictment of what had already happened.

On their website, I found a 2006 Durango that was at an incredibly low price (several thousand under what that year/mileage would retail blue book for). I emailed them and wanted to make sure they could actually approve me for financing, since I had already tried on new vehicles recently and been denied even with a cosigner and Id just as soon avoid any further runaround or waste of my time and theirs. I was assured that there had been a special meeting of finance people on my behalf, and they could for sure approve me. Once I went to their dealership and looked at the truck, it was easy to see why it was cheap - it had been wrecked before, at least once, if not multiple times. The damage seemed only cosmetic though, and the truck drove nice, and the price was right, so I decided to proceed with financing.

After several hours of waiting around at the dealership, they finally came back with their financing "options". Option 1 was put $3500 down (on a $10,000 truck), or option 2 was get a cosigner and put $150 down. I had previously talked to my father about cosigning, since he has a credit score of almost 800, so I went with this option. They had me sign financing papers that had a wide range of interest rate and payments, with me as secondary on the loan and said they would fedex to my dad to sign as primary once they had exact finance terms agreed to by a lender. They took my $160 down payment, and I drove off with the truck. This was on Thursday, and I was told that they would be back to me by monday to come in and sign final papers so they could fedex to my dad. I drove away in the truck that night.

Well monday came and went, as did Tuesday. On Wednesday I started trying to call them to find out what was going on. I spent over 45 minutes on hold waiting for "Cowboy" (aka John), who is either the finance manager or general manager depending on who you talk to. I never did get to speak with him, so I called back and talked to the salesperson I had originally emailed back and forth with, asking what was going on. I was told basically "well these things take time, but I know Cowboy is working on it, and im sure he will get back with you soon". Well thursday came and went and still no word, then Friday im at work and I hear from my wife that we just got a certified letter from the dealership, dated the day we applied for the truck, saying they couldnt arrange financing and that we needed to return the truck within 14 days. I called to speak to "Cowboy" and again couldnt reach him. As soon as id give my name, it seemed as though every person I asked to talk to was unavailable or out of the office, even if I had just been told 5 minutes before they were in. Finally got through to Hector (the original internet sales guy) by using a fictitious name with the receptionist. Asked him about the letter, to which he replied "oh dont worry about it, we have to send that letter by law when the first lender denied the loan, but dont worry Cowboy is still working on your loan, I know cause he just told me a few minutes ago". Finally talked to Cowboy monday morning, now almost 2 weeks since I drove off in the truck. I offered to bring the truck back in right then, he said "no its ok, im working on your deal, the banks were just wanting to know when your meeting of creditors is for the bankruptcy". I told him it was to be 3 days later (thursday, Aug 5th). He said ok that was great, then as soon as we have our meeting to call him so he could call the banks and let them know, and we should be able to get things finalized thursday afternoon. I told him we were concerned that they were going to come back at any time and say we had to bring the truck back right then, and that was unacceptable, because we had to have a vehicle and needed enough warning to make other arrangements. He tried to reassure me it would be fine, but I noticed he went out of his way to avoid telling me they wouldnt do what I was afraid of.

Well Thursday arrived, now 2 weeks since we "bought" the truck, and we had our bankruptcy hearing. Called the dealership afterwards and again everyone seems to be avoiding my call. They obviously had my name and number written down, because the receptionist knew my name without me telling her, even though I called on my work cell phone which doesnt come up with my name on caller ID. Finally spoke to the salesperson that actually worked with me at the lot, Vanessa, and told her that I was through with the runaround and I absolutely HAD to have things finalized by thursday night or friday morning at the latest, or I was going to make other arrangements since I was off work that day anyway.

Well thursday night came and went, as did Friday morning. My wife and I went to another dealership, and bought a brand new SUV, with just my dad on the loan, since me being on there seemed to always cause problems. Its not an ideal solution, but having a reliable vehicle is more important right now than rebuilding my credit. Called West Valley back friday after we bought the new vehicle, and of course once again couldnt talk to anyone. I asked the receptionist to get a message to Vanessa, Hector, and/or Cowboy that I had purchased a different vehicle and needed to bring the Durango back and get my down payment back. The receptionist immediately becomes hostile and starts telling me that I cant get my money back right away, that I have to have my salesperson fill out a request for a check, and John has to sign the request, and the owner has to sign a check, blah blah. I told her look, were only talking about $160 bucks, so I dont care if they give me cash, check, or money order, but I expect to be able to get my money back when I give them the keys to the truck. She basically tells me im SOL, but she will relay the message. I didnt really believe her, so I also emailed Hector (since hes the only person I can actually get to respond to me), giving them this whole story, and asked him to call me and let me know when I can bring the truck back and get my down payment back. Its now the following monday, and I still hadnt heard anything back, so I called the dealership and am once again waiting for a call back from the mysterious "Cowboy" who apparently suffers from some sort of rare, contagious disease or something, judgeing by how religiously his employess avoid talking to him or relaying messages.

I will update this as developments continue, but at this point im skeptical as to whether I will get my down payment back without a fight.

This report was posted on Ripoff Report on 8/9/2010 12:59:06 PM and is a permanent record located here: http://www.ripoffreport.com/auto-dealers/west-valley-auto-pla/west-valley-auto-plaza-huge-r-55f7f.htm.

Used Cars West Valley? Don't go to West Valley Auto Plaza!!!!!


10/31/2011 10:59:26 PM
Customer Service: 1 Star
Quality of Work: N/AN/A
Friendliness: 2 Stars
Overall Experience: 1 Stars
Price: 1 Stars
Overall Score: 1 Star Rating 1.2

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Reason for Visit: Sales (Used)

I recommend this dealer: No

Employee(s) Dealt With: Forgot don't care, double taking scum.

My Review of West Valley Auto Plaza:
Simply a criminal enterprise.
Want to know how much the car costs? Nope won't tell you
Interest rate? Nope won't tell you.
They just try stick you with a payment way above what they are should cost, lying to you every step of the way.