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Waste of Money and time this place is

james j.

My uncle bought a car from this place and was taken advantage of. My uncle paid $14,000 for a car that only blue books at $8900 one month after my unle bought the car he had transmition problems with his car. The salesmen told my uncle that the car was perfect with no problems to worry about that was far from the truth when the car has transmition problems.

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I got Jerked Around!

Ryan H.

I've been jerked around! I called West Valley Auto Plaza and told them what kind of car I was looking for. An SUV with third row seating and I had 3k down. Of course they said "sure! come on in... We can do that!" I went in cash in hand and they tried to sell me a POS late 90's pontiac grand am. And they wanted another 1k down. I guess "We can do that" means pay no attention to our slogan cause we will jerk you around! anyway I found another dealer that took my 3k and got me into more than what I expected for less of a price and a newer SUV. Dont let these guys jerk you around.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Watch what you sign, it didn't...
Rated 1.0 out of 5.0 By Russ - Mar 23, 2010
After signing my paperwork on my car, it broke down twice within 30 days. These guys used the word "warranty" more than anyone I have ever heard until it came to fixing the broken car. Needless to say, I tried to talk to the owner, Nick Markosian, and explain that his people had told me differently. He threw me out of the building and didn't want to hear anything about it. Oh well, he lost this customer for life. Find out more, Google "been jerked around" and meet more people jerked around by West Valley Auto Plaza and Nick Markosian.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I got jerked around by West Valley Auto Plaza


to me
2:41 PM

I've been jerked around! I called West Valley Auto Plaza and told them what kind of car I was looking for. An SUV with third row seating and I had 3k down. Of course they said "sure! come on in... We can do that!" I went in cash in hand and they tried to sell me a POS late 90's pontiac grand am. And they wanted another 1k down. I guess "We can do that" means pay no attention to our slogan cause we will jerk you around! anyway I found another dealer that took my 3k and got me into more than what I expected for less of a price and a newer SUV. Dont let these guys jerk you around.

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Mar 9 2010 2:50 PM

These guy's are a freakin joke ! i could go into the details of my jerking for the 3 over priced gold lined cars i purchased form them , all under the guise of we'll help you out . Warn everyone you meet and tell all your friends what gigantic assholes these guys are .
Google been jerked around and look at position 9
Also check out

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This website is available to display all the complaints filed on or about West Valley Auto Plaza and Nick Markosian. I personally tried to talk to Nick about a bad experience with his employee's. He kicked me out of his building. I have found many different people who have dealt with similar issues. If you would like your story about being mistreated by West Valley Auto Plaza posted here, please email This is to help everyone find all of the examples of his disregard for ethics and his clients. 

I have never left a negative review for any other business as sometimes mistakes happen. In most cases honorable business owners and managers handle these situations properly and there is no need for negativity. This guy is just crooked!

This info was found at:
BBB processed a total of 20 complaints about West Valley Auto Plaza in the last 36 months, our standard reporting period. Of the total of 20 complaints closed in 36 months, 11 were closed in the last year.
These complaints concerned :
regarding Billing or Collection Issues

3- Failure to correct billing errors
1- None of the Above - Credit, Billing or Collection Complaint Issue
regarding Customer Service Issues

2- None of the Above - Customer Service Complaint Issue
regarding Product Issues

1- None of the Above - Product Quality Complaint Issue
regarding Refund or Exchange Issues

2- Failure to honor refund, exchange or credit policies
1- None of the Above - Refund or Exchange Complaint Issue
regarding Repair Issues

2- Repairs resulted in additional damage
regarding Sales Practice Issues

1- Sales presentation did not disclose key conditions of the offer
1- Sales presentation not consistent with advertisement
5- Sales presentation used dishonest sales practices
regarding Service Issues

All of this info can be found at:

I was JERKED around. - West Valley Auto Plaza West Valley City, 84119

West Valley Auto Plaza 1

Merchant Ratings I was JERKED around.

I hate to give this place even 1 star. The fact is...they don't even deserve one.
West Valley Auto Plaza is a complete joke. I worked with a guy named Tony who was a complete *******. I was unsure about a vehicle but he just kept pushing and pushing. I had a '97 Ford Explorer to trade in and because I wasn't ready to buy a car that night, he told me that I would be lucky to trade in my car for a bike when I left the lot. Is that any way to treat a potential customer? Where is the customer service?

March 03, 2008 by Jacki Rendhalt in Sandy, UT
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West Valley Auto Plaza 1

Merchant Ratings Epic fail

So this place just wasted two hours of my time. I would classify that as jerking around. Every time I asked to talk about specifics the guy would have some smart ass reply, right from the get go I didn't like this guy. He was trying to be funny the entire time, while I was just interested in doing business. Guess he's using the position to hone his comedy. To say the least I wasn't laughing.

October 20, 2009 by Alex in Sandy, UT
West Valley Auto Plaza 1

Merchant Ratings we wont jerk you around ... ha~~ just rip you off

I went into the West Valley auto plaza looking for a great deal after crunching #'s of my own and figuring I could manage the payments and that it was a great deal. I finally found a car i was happy with and the credit guy(G. Pope) who hides in the back came out and said that I would need to put 50% of the car value down and make payment of $256./month. That is about a 30% APR they don't give you the #'s that really matter. Not one time did they tell me how much the car was either. Glad I got online to know prior that this is only a $9000. car. They don't jerk you around they told me right to my face that they wanted to RIP ME OFF.... Buyers beware!

April 23, 2009 by Michelle in Grantsville, UT
West Valley Auto Plaza 1


When it says Dont Get Jerked Around it should say Come Get Jerked Around. What a bunch of shit.

February 11, 2009 by not happy in Logan, UT
West Valley Auto Plaza 1

Merchant Ratings No stars

I agree with the previous. I bought a vehicle from them. Within 6 months the battery had died several times. I asked them to replace it seeing as how I just paid over 15k for a truck. I talked to Ann in the service department. She gave me nothing of use. I even talked to the owner. Wow what a dip. It more important for him to save 50 bux on that battery then to keep a customer happy. He just lost a great customer and all of my firiends and family.

January 09, 2009 by Scott H in Salt Lake City, UT
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West Valley Auto Plaza Come get jerked around!! Whee! West Valley City Utah

... WVAP

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West Valley Auto Plaza

3899 S Redwood Rd
West Valley City Utah
Phone: 801-866-1700
Web Address:

Category: Auto Dealers

Submitted: Monday, September 29, 2008

Last posting: Friday, October 02, 2009
Our first experience with West Valley Auto Plaza was in 2005 when our trusty Explorer finally broke down and we were in sudden need of a vehicle. Since my husband had LITERALLY just filed bankruptcy he couldn't get standard financing. Luckily West Valley Auto Plaza had a plan where they put a box on your engine and if you don't pay Bi-Weekly they just shut your car off. Some people can live without good credit, but not very many without a car ;)

Anyways, I was busy and I told my husband to go check the cars out, just keep two criteria in mind: we need a sedan because we had just had a baby, and to make sure to get an automatic transmission. He comes home with a 1998 Cavelier Coupe with a manual transmission. This is the ONLY car they could get him into, apparently. This is with a price tag of $250 a month. Almost as much as I paid for my newer SUV with extended warranties and GAP insurance..... hmmm.

Enter April 2007. My car goes to car heaven. Now our credit is better, so much so that we are shopping around for loans to buy a house. Thus the problem. Even though we only have two or three months left in the contract with the Cavelier tacking on another car payment would push our DTI significantly higher and jepordize Operation-Get-A-House. It turns out, that since we have paid off almost the entire contract for the over-priced Cavelier, and my husband had referred several people who made purchases, West Valley Auto will pay off the rest of the car if we buy our new one through them!!

This is great! And then it all hit me so fast.... Turns out this is only subject to me buying a 2006 model. They only have one. A PT Cruiser, which I've never been too fond of. My husband pointed out however, that what's important is getting a good reliable vehicle. For the same price, they had a nice black pickup on their website. It wasn't a 2006 but since I have a knack for pushing what I want, I figure this is the car I'll go for once we get there.

My husband didn't like it! So, I'm perusing the other cars, and I see that NONE of them have a sticker price on them! I saw another car while they're drawing up paperwork. I asked the guy how much and he said "Not for the price you told me." My husband was wrapping up things on the Cavelier and left me to take the test drive on my own. As I attempted to swing quickly out into the traffic I was met with he weakest engine I've ever handled. "What is this, a 4-cylinder?! I asked." Of course. I took note of the ugly uphosltery and the ugly white color, but my husband I daresay LIKED this car.... so we went forward with the docs.

As I looked at the contract I noticed that they had tacked the payoff amount for the Cavelier into the new price of the PT Cruiser. Shocked, I brought this to my husband's attention. "Well they are paying it off....." "No" I said, they are lending us the payoff..... which we can pay interest on for the next six years!!"

This didn't seem to make a difference to my husband as long as we only had one car payment at a reasonable interest rate, that I was a "shoe-in" for. So I drove it to work that day. On the way, they called to let me know my interest rate was higher, and of course, the payment was higher, getting higher and higher from the original $200 a month I told them. We were now looking at $350 a month.

Well, too late now right? Husband still liked the car. Everyone at work thought it was cute and luxurious. Maybe I could warm up to it, I was proudly showing a co-worker when I noticed the bumper was a different shade of white!! I called them right then and there to ask them if the car had been in an accident. "Not to their knowledge....." RIGHT. My husband services all our vehicles and I let him know right there that I thought we should take it back, but if he felt up to keeping up with this car go for it. We kept it.

The Chassis was shaking so hard at freeway speeds that we took it to a dealership under warranty. They wouldn't do anything, and besides the tires didn't match they were different makes and had different tread. Then we took it to our friend's auto shop. He took me under the lift to show me that EACH tire was indeed different. This I can't even comprehend on a newer vehicle!! He couldn't diagnose the shaking until I bought FOURnew tires for it. You would think that after paying more than $6,000.00 over the high blue-book on this car they could at least put new tires on it! It also has as much if not MORE rust than cars 10, 15, even 20 years older than it. It started bubbling and cracking under the paint within a month, also within a few months the windshield wouldn't pass inspection because some chips I hadn't noticed had cracked across the whole window.

Then it all comes back to the Cavelier. Turns out paying off the original contract is not enough. For some reason they needed to show that we sold them the car as a trade in and we bought it back, or something. WEIRD. Anyways, we have to go back in and sign paperwork before they can release the title. So we drive the 20 miles to get it. Oh, the person we need isn't there. We call, he's there we drive the 20 miles, oh, he left early. No one else can help us, they aren't sure what we're talking about.
Finally, my husband lets me let out a little of the agression that's been building the whole time. I told them, if so and so wasn't there that's not my problem, if no one else can cover him, that's not my problem. I paid for a car and I don't have the title... THAT is my problem. They can mail whatever we need to sign with the title, but the title better get mailed. Okay, they mailed it. We wait and wait and WAIT. No title. My husband called them and they don't have any idea where it could be.

By this time, I'm done. I would've brought that car back demanded a suitable vehicle for my money or threatened lawsuit. I was sick of my husband's complacency, so I told him to get the title. We still don't have it, I've obtained a replacement title form assuming it was really lost in the mail, but I have a feeling this monster will rear its ugly head someday.

In the meantime, I've just been making payments in my never-ending pursuit of good credit. I now have very good credit, and lots of dealerships have said they can finance us..... once we get out of the now $9,000 negative equity that has resulted from this nightmare that isn't due to end for another 4 years.

If you want to deal with these people, make sure you pull your blue-books, because they have no stickers on the lot. Don't believe for a second that you are special and they will make you a deal. Be ready to get as down and dirty as these low-lifes are!!

Tooele, Utah

Well, the PT Cruiser finally broke down February 2009, leaving me and my four-month-old baby walking on the side of the Freeway in 28 degree weather at 10:00 p.m.
We cashed out our 401k put $3,000 down and still have so much negative equity that my car payment is $450 at 5%. I'm paying $25k on an $18k car, but it's good and sound and I LOVE it!!

All comes back to the Cavelier, right? That still runs, so does our '72 F-250, and there's still good parts on our '91 Explorer. We're thinking if we sold all three we could get one nicer car or truck , not to mention MUCH more space in the driveway..... only we don't have the title to the Cavelier.....

So I give my old friends a call after almost two years. I told the lady that this is her chance. Treat me nice and I will favorably ammend my report. I get transferred to Brandy, who seems to ignore what I've mentioned about my previous bad experiences because she asks why it's taken me so long to come after the title..... she transfers me to someone else. Again, I tell this girl to treat me nice and I'll ammend the report. She prattles on about how she wasn't here when this all happened so it's not her fault and it's not her job but she's such a nice person she'll look into it. She never called me back after promising she would.

At Six P.M. two days later, overflowing and choking on anger and disgust I penned an e-mail to Nick Markosian who at this point I had deemed to be the devil on Earth. However, I do realize that sometimes finding employees

who really care about your company and not just their paycheck can be hard to come by, so I thought it was worth a shot.
He never wrote me back, but I assume he must have lit a fire under the kettle those people were sitting in because I got a call at 8 A.M, the next morning from Brandy the finance manager. I called back and as soon as I mentioned my name the receptionist lit up with perky enthusiasm and patched my right through to Brandy who was on the line in under 10 seconds (as opposed to my usual 10 minute wait time.)

She also spoke with a genial vigor that creeped me out with its about face. She told me she had found the title to the Cavelier, in the filing cabinet! (You know, the one they mailed two years ago??) and would I like her to mail it or have it ready to be picked up, whatever I preffered would be acceptable! I had her mail it, and it came next day, certified mail (now there's a novel approach.)

So true to my word, here's my update. I have my title, I have good credit

. Despite the long, arduous and infuriating road, it's likely due in no small part to West Valley Auto. I thank Nick for helping me, but I wonder why he doesn't find more competent people? In this economy it wouldn't be that hard. Maybe he also doesn't care about his company as long as it continues to turn a profit....

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West Valley Auto Plaza Want to be "jerked around?" West Valley Auto Plaza is the place for you! West Valley City Utah...Need to do your homework. Author: Midvale, Utah Auto Dealers : West Valley Auto Plaza Utah

8/5/2007 10:10 AM
West Valley Auto Plaza BEEN JERKED AROUND TOO MUCH West Valley City Utah Author: Tooele, Utah Auto Dealers: West Valley Auto Plaza Utah

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Bait and Switch

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I saw a 2008 Fors Mustang for sale in an Auto Guide Magazine listed fo 12, 900. But when I went to the dealer they told me that the price was 16, 500 . I went home and called the dealer and they told me that the car for the lower price had been sold. Then why does the VIN from the magazine match...